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A Healthy Life Is Within Reach

Online Consultating with Ashe Martino

What I Specialize In

Conscious Parenting
: Inspiring us to obtain a connection with our children, encouraging them to be free while having a structured environment. Becoming aware of how you feel as a parent when your child is not in alignment and intentionally supporting them through the feels.

Child care professionalism
: Owning and operating profitable child care facilities in Florida. Training childcare employees to raise the in the childcare community.

Hood humanitarianism | Speaker
:a woman from “hood” devoted to or working for the health, wealth and happiness of herself and other people.

Plant Based Soap Making
: Teaching you step by step directions on how to create soap that is ready to use in just five days, The materials needed as well as soap recipes.

Licensed child care professional

Critically Acclaimed Author

Self Love




Green Leaves

If you don’t know you are magical

you’ll always think you are not. 

– Ashe Martino 

"Your page is very uplifiting, I'm happy I came across it. I've been in avery dark place mentally. Seeing your words of encouragment brought joy to my soul.  Thank you."

- Rickia J.

“I went to a Women's Empowerment and Healing Networking event and when I tell you it was everything that I needed. I can't wait till the next one Thank you so much for inviting me out”

- Laura W

“I had to let the world know how amazing my self love coach is As my self love coach Ash have helped me to evolve and elevate mentally and emotionally."

- Moshelenea  A.

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