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15 Questions You Should Be Asking During Daycare Interviews

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I know I should be asking questions during my daycare interviews, but what questions should I be asking?”  Friend, if that’s you... I got you covered!


Here’s a list of 15 must ask questions to help you determine if a family you’re interviewing is the right fit for your daycare business.

Day Care


​1. What are you looking for in a daycare?

2. Has your child been in daycare before?

3. Why did you leave your last daycare? (if applicable)

4. What hours do you need care for?

5. Will your child be here part-time or full-time.

 6. What days will your child/children be coming?

 7. Does your child have allergies?

8. Does your child have any health issues?

9. Do you have back up care available?

10. Is your child potty-trained?

11. What is your child’s personality like?

12. Does your infant take a bottle?

13. Do you use cloth or disposable diapers?

14. What is the marital status of the parents? Is there a custody agreement?

 15. Will you be the one who’s dropping off/picking up or would there be other people dropping off/picking up?


Remember: daycare interviews are a two-way street: parents are interviewing you BUT you are also interviewing them! 

So go all in ready to ask questions! You’ve got this! xoxo, Ashley


 PS. Print out these questions and read them before your daycare interviews. It will be a great reminder to know what to ask your potential families plus you’ll feel more confident and prepared!


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